The $1 Way to Paint Furniture and Decor


Ever get a piece of furniture from a garage sale or thrift store, with full intention of painting it? It’s my favorite way to get great furniture and make it my own – but painting can get crazy expensive.

Enter paint samples! These awesome one pint cans of paint go on sale quarterly at Ace Hardware and Lowes, and it’s just enough to paint a small piece of furniture. The best part – they’re only ONE DOLLAR! .99 cents, actually, which makes projects super affordable.

Ace Hardware usually sells the Valspar or Clark + Kensington brand, and Lowes will usually sell Valspar on sale as well. I usually get the Valspar, because it’s a well known brand and it works well for my needs.

Using inexpensive paint samples allows you to use unique colors and test out color schemes. If you hate the color, you can always swap it out the next time the paint samples go on sale. Of course, they’ve introduced rules, probably because people started buying multiples of the same color instead of buying a whole can. You can only buy four, and they each have to be different colors.

Here are the colors I bought last time they had the sale.

$1 a piece - can't beat that!

I chose colors that already went with my home’s decor. Using darker variations than my last purchase (which was used for painting a desk, frame, stools, etc), I was able to paint some unique pieces.

Here are some furniture and decor painting ideas that you can use your paint samples for. 

Check out the mirror, painted with a cheap little brush in a dark grey color. Would you believe this mirror was a muddled gold color before? Gross!

Grey frame $1 paint samples

I also painted a floral wall medallion which now hangs in our laundry room. Love it! It covers so much better than craft paint, not to mention that it goes a lot further than a tiny little bottle of craft paint.


IMG_4120 2

Take a look at the decor pieces and cool decorative balls that I painted in a bright turquoise and the same dark grey as the mirror.

$1 paint samples

There are so many uses for one pint paint samples. Let us know what kinds of painting you’ve been doing lately, and if you’re painting furniture with these awesome samples! 



Free Stylish Bible Verse Printable – Isaiah 32:18

There’s something about Bible verses on the wall in a house that help it seem more like a home. I really love this verse, Isaiah 32:18, in our house as a statement of God’s protection over our home.

Isaiah 32:18: My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, and undisturbed resting places.

What a promise! If you want to post this free printable Bible verse in your home, click here to download the PDF:

Dwelling Places Printable

Or click on the JPEG below to print an image version – then let me know how you’ve used it in your home by sharing a photo on Pinterest and tagging #OurTennesseeHome. 

Dwelling Places Printable

Enjoy this incredible Bible verse in your home!

10 Home Decor Best Buys Under $10

10 home decor best buys

Moving into a new place, or just wanting to change things up on the cheap? I’m all for using the local big box stores and craft places to find cute and inexpensive home decor.

Here’s my pick for the best home decor buys under $10.

1. Modern wrought iron hooks: I love these hooks from Hobby Lobby. We use the single one as a towel rack in our half bath, and the grouping of three as our entry room coat hooks. The single hook is $2.99 on sale, and the three hook is $6.99 on sale. What a steal!


2. Chalk note canisters: Chalkboard is everywhere, and these chalkboard jars from Pier One are awesome at $6-$11 on sale. I use similar ones from Pier One on my kitchen counter to store flour and sugar, but you could use them to store Q-tips, makeup pads, etc. They’re great for a country-inspired home.

chalk canisters

3. Metal flower plaque: This Kirkland’s 16″ metal flower will brighten any space – especially when they’re $8.99! These are actually designed to go outside (which would look great) but I love them in a kid’s room or as part of a large gallery wall.

metal flower

4. Polystone bronze ampersand: This is another Hobby Lobby find, and you can’t beat the price at $3.99! We use this as a part of our wedding gallery wall in our bedroom. The bronze finish makes it look way more expensive than it actually is, and it’s a cool piece to anchor a gallery.

poly ampersand

5. White porcelain pitcher: Okay, so this one is a bit more than $10 – it rings up at $13.99 at Target, but they often have 10-15% off codes for housewares which help lower the price to about $11. This was a wedding gift for us, and we love it as both a pitcher and a vase. It’s also massive, so it’s a great space filler.

porcelain pitcher

6. Black metal lantern: These Borrby lanterns from IKEA are a great deal at $7.99! We use one in our bathroom as a toilet roll holder on the back of the toilet. They’re super charming, and would look great on a deck or patio.

metal lantern

7. Wood crate: These are regularly $12 at Jo-ann’s Fabrics, but they are usually on sale or you can use a coupon to get them for $8. Use them as a cool storage bin by your fireplace hearth, or combine two and make them a side table. Super paintable and super fun!

wood crate

8. Bushel basket: I bought mine at Hobby Lobby for $8, but you can also find these charming (and big!) baskets for $10.99 at Lehmans. I painted mine with chalk paint and put quilts inside, but they’re great to hold toys or other linens.

bushel basket

9. Fretwork pillows: These are $10 at Wal-mart, and they come in super fun prints. Then, when the fretwork/lattice look goes out of style, just use them as fillers and use my budget trick – find fabric remnants at Michael’s or Jo-ann’s and make new pillow covers!

fretwork pillow

10. Charming and cheap lamps: These turned lamps from Old Time Pottery are a major deal at $10 (our Target ones were $25 each, and I feel ripped off!) They come in different colors, but they’re only available in-store. You can find your local Old Time Pottery store here. 

old time pottery lamp

Have you found any awesome home decor finds for a steal? Let me know by commenting below – and check out some of my other cheap home decor ideas! 

Make a $20 Plate Wall (and Tips For What NOT To Do)

plate wall ideas

Plate walls are really timeless, and they’re coming back into style. We had a massive blank wall in our kitchen that really needed personality, and I figured hanging plates would help.

How to make it cheap: Plate walls are great because they utilize a large amount of space for a low cost – making it a dream for someone decorating on the cheap (like me!) Our plate wall cost $20 because I used a special type of plate – MELAMINE! I also didn’t use the disc plate hangers because they were at least $2 each, which would double the price of the project. So I secured them a different way – well, quite a few different ways…as you’ll soon see.

plate wall

What plates to use: Melamine plates are perfect for hanging because they’re light and virtually unbreakable (it’s what kid’s plates are made of). I shopped for my plates in the spring and found lots of great affordable plates in the outdoor dining areas of Target, Kohls, Ross. I also found two charger plates at Kirklands and Hobby Lobby. All plates were under $3 each. I purchased 9 plates – always hang things in odd numbers.

Determine colors and patterns: I decided on a blue/turquoise theme to match a teal shelving unit in my kitchen. Mix patterns and solids half and half. It helps break up the patterns and pulls the color scheme together. I also used some small appetizer plates for visual interest.

plate wall

Secure the hangers: I found some floral wire and bent it into rounds – you could also use paper clips.I tried three different techniques for this – and broke 2 charger plates in the course of trying. Not a fun lesson to learn!

plate wall

Then I secured them with two large pieces of duct tape.But the tape didn’t hold and they all started falling down. Not a fun sound to hear as you’re laying in bed, the sound of plates bouncing all over the floor!

how to hang a plate wall

Enter the glue gun! I figured hot glue on plastic would work well, so I decided to remove all the duct tape and glue the plates. While this worked on the ones without price tags, anywhere that had glue on a price tag caused the glue not to stick. It also doesn’t work on charger plates. So you guessed it – another broken plate!

how to hang a plate wall

FINALLY – I decided on Gorilla Glue. This is what you should use. It puffs up and creates an incredible mess, but once it dries it’ll hold your little hanger in place perfectly because it oozes around the entire wire. I also sanded the charger plates where I was applying glue to create a rough surface for it to stick to.

how to hang a plate wall

How to hang the plates: Place the plates on the floor and started moving them around until you find the right layout. Measure the wall to find the center, then hang the middle plate in the center using a good ol’ hammer and nails.

how to hang a plate wall

Then just eyeball as you pick one plate off the floor at a time and hang it in place. It helps to take a reference picture of your “floor design” to remind you of where everything goes.

plate wall

Step back and admire your masterpiece! The beauty of plate walls is that you can always add to them as you find new treasures. So let us know – have you tried hanging a plate wall, and how did it go? 

The Cutest $5 Bathroom Decor Idea

cute bathroom decor

We’re constantly trying to find ways to decorate our walls on a budget. Coming from 700 sq. ft. to 2,000 sq. ft. has been a challenge, because we quickly ran out of stuff to hang on the walls!

So we’ve been creating some cool DIY decor ideas that cost very, very little. Here’s a great bathroom decor idea that we came up with after discovering that chipboard letters were on sale for $1 at Hobby Lobby (my love for Hobby Lobby knows no bounds!)

Here’s all you’ll need to make the cutest $5 bathroom decor for our guest bathroom:

cheap bathroom decor

I waited until the chipboard letters were on sale for 50% off at Hobby Lobby. Chipboard letters are light and can be hung easily, and are simple to paint (instead of wooden letters, which cost more).

cheap bathroom decor

I used Americana Decor chalky finish paint because it’s much cheaper than Annie Sloan chalk paint and lasts forever. I’ve painted a piece of furniture, a mirror, a basket, and a knife block with this one pot, and still had some left over. Miracle paint, I tell you!

americana decor refreshing chalk paint

Then I laid them out overtop of a trash bag and craft paper. This is proper paint, so it won’t come out of clothing or be easily removed from furniture. Paint using just one coat, so you get a rustic look. Chalk paint covers incredibly well.

cheap bathroom decor

Then use 3M sticky mounting tape to hang to the wall. I arranged the letters how I wanted them on the floor and measured the span. Then I found the center on the wall and marked the measurement. It helped me know where to place the first and last letter.

cheap bathroom decor

Ta da! The whole project cost me $4 for the letters and maybe a dollar for the paint (but more like .25 cents, if that!) It’s such a fun way to make a big statement on an empty wall.

Have you used chipboard letters to decorate in your house? Comment below and let us know what you did!

Easy and Cheap $1.25 Framed Prints

cheap framed prints

We’ve just bought a new house – and we’re out of cash to decorate! We’ve used all of the framed prints we had in our old house (which was a much smaller place) and are looking for ways to fill the walls.

Enter Hobby Lobby and Dollar Tree! I was able to make three framed prints (and fill lots of other frames) with scrapbook cards and $1 frames. Here’s how to get $1.25 framed prints for your place:

Find some 4 x 6 scrapbooking cards at your local craft store. I got ours from Hobby Lobby on clearance for $2.99 for 24 – they’re Echo Park Paper Co. brand memo cards. 

cheap framed prints

Grab some 5×7 Dollar Tree frames. These aren’t the normal brassy frames they usually have, they’re a unique distressed white frame (still plastic, but still cool!) We’re using three, and they’re $1 each.

cheap framed prints

Remove the stand so you can hang them flush to the wall. They’re cardboard and just rip off (that’s why they’re a dollar!)

cheap framed prints

Then use the stock photo insert (you know the one, with the happy family or weird looking animals) to trace the shape onto craft paper. This acts as a 5×7 background for the 4×6 print, because I find that the smaller 4×6 frames get lost on a big wall.

cheap framed prints    cheap framed prints

Use double sided tape to secure the print to the craft paper, then insert it into the frame and hang them on the wall!

cheap framed prints

It’s super easy, and cost less than $1.25 (they actually cost .12 cents for the print and $1 for the frame!) We’ve hung them in a small wall in the house, but you could also do 9 or 15 of the frames (always hang in odd numbers) for a cool collage.

Do you decorate using Dollar Tree stuff? Let us know what you’ve done by commenting below! 

Easy and Stylish Bible Verse Free Printables

I love having Bible verses posted around my house, so we’re sharing these Bible verse prints with you! These two are some of my favorite:

“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure,” Hebrews 6:19   and “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord,” Joshua 24:15.

Just click the images below to get the JPEG for free Bible verse printables, or click on the link to download the PDF. While you’re at it, check out some of my other cheap and cute home decor ideas.

Download the PDF version: Hebrews 6:19 Printable
anchor for the soul free printable

Download the PDF Version: Joshua 24:15 Printable

as for me and my house free printable