We’re two newlyweds living in middle Tennessee, and we’re on the hunt for our first home. While we’re no experts and definitely new homeowners, we found it hard to find good (and detailed) information on every step of the home buying process. We hope our stories and little tidbits of advice will help you on your home buying search.

About her: Just moved to Tennessee, after working in PR and marketing for all of her 20’s. Her last job involved marketing new homes, where she got to develop her love of all things houses (which started with her love of “Bob Vila’s Home Again” ). She also loves shopping, Pinterest, and girly stuff.

About him: He’s been in Tennessee for years, but was raised a farm boy. By day, he’s a mild mannered video editor.  By night (and in the mornings) he’s a competitive cyclist. He also loves all things Seinfeld, breakfast food, and bikes. He really loves bikes.

IMG_3068About the cat: She’s a 5 year old ragdoll who had a really hard time adjusting to her new house in Tennessee. We hope the next house will be an easier move! She loves string, chicken, and snuggling under the sofa.


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