Make a Charming DIY Fall Porch Sign

DIY fall porch sign

Decorating my porch for the season has become my new obsession. It’s what you see when you leave each morning, and what you come home to every night – so why shouldn’t your porch get some TLC?

Porch signs and outdoor signs are an awesome way to showcase the season and add some character to your entryway. Using found items and some cheap Hobby Lobby essentials, I was able to create a cute autumn porch sign – here’s how you can do it, too!

You’ll need the following materials – this cost me about $5, because I already had most of the materials:

  • One piece of wood or MDF – Approximately 3 feet by 1.5 feet, but pick the size that works best for your outdoor space
  • Latex paint
  • Craft paint in assorted colors (orange, white, black)
  • 4 chipboard letters – $4
  • Circle stencil (or just freehand them!)
  • Paint brush
  • Stencil brush
  • Gorilla Glue

Fall porch outdoor sign

Fall porch outdoor sign

1- Find a large piece of wood to act as your canvas: I used a piece of wood that came from the packaging of a sign shipment (in marketing, you get all sorts of fun deliveries!) We cut it using a table saw into a 3′ x 1.5′ piece. You could also use some old plywood or MDF, or even secure pallet pieces together. Whatever you can find in your garage!

Fall porch outdoor sign

2- Paint the wood using latex paint: I had my favorite $1 paint samples on hand (read more about those HERE), so it made for a cheap painting project. I used Valspar’s Lemon Curd, and brushed one coat on. You’re going for a rustic look, so one coat will do it.

Fall porch outdoor sign

3 – Grab a stencil and go crazy! I had a circular stencil I’d gotten from Hobby Lobby ages ago. Using white acrylic craft paint, I stencilled different sized circles randomly around the board.I used a stencil brush, but a foam craft brush would be fine. Again, rustic is good!

Fall porch outdoor sign

Fall porch outdoor sign

4 – Paint your letters and weather them: Use wood or chipboard letters and paint them using craft paint. My letters were half price at Hobby Lobby- $1 a letter! Wood letters would last longer, but are more expensive. I can’t even tell you how awesome these chipboard letters are – I used them for everything! Need proof? Take a peek at my other letter decor ideas HERE.

I used a dark orange craft paint on the letters, then ran a paper towel dipped in some black craft paint around the edges for a weathered look.

Fall porch outdoor sign

5 – Grab the Gorilla Glue and go to town: I used my trusty Gorilla Glue to secure the letters into place. You can measure to ensure the letters are even and centered, but I just eyeballed it and they look fine. Then I picked up some cute burlap leaves (also from Hobby Lobby) and glued those around the board for some added texture.

Fall porch outdoor sign

6 – Spray with varnish: I haven’t done this yet, because I want my sign to get a bit beat up and weathered this season. However, if you want your sign to really last, spray it with varnish to seal in the paint and ensure the chipboard stays intact.

7 – Display your new fall outdoor porch sign! Ain’t it cute? I’ve also used small pumpkins and orange mums to make it even more fall-ish on our porch. Love it!

Fall porch outdoor sign

outdoor porch FALL sign

Have you started decorating your porch for different seasons, and what kind of things have you done? Comment below and let me know your awesome porch decorating ideas! 


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