The $1 Way to Paint Furniture and Decor


Ever get a piece of furniture from a garage sale or thrift store, with full intention of painting it? It’s my favorite way to get great furniture and make it my own – but painting can get crazy expensive.

Enter paint samples! These awesome one pint cans of paint go on sale quarterly at Ace Hardware and Lowes, and it’s just enough to paint a small piece of furniture. The best part – they’re only ONE DOLLAR! .99 cents, actually, which makes projects super affordable.

Ace Hardware usually sells the Valspar or Clark + Kensington brand, and Lowes will usually sell Valspar on sale as well. I usually get the Valspar, because it’s a well known brand and it works well for my needs.

Using inexpensive paint samples allows you to use unique colors and test out color schemes. If you hate the color, you can always swap it out the next time the paint samples go on sale. Of course, they’ve introduced rules, probably because people started buying multiples of the same color instead of buying a whole can. You can only buy four, and they each have to be different colors.

Here are the colors I bought last time they had the sale.

$1 a piece - can't beat that!

I chose colors that already went with my home’s decor. Using darker variations than my last purchase (which was used for painting a desk, frame, stools, etc), I was able to paint some unique pieces.

Here are some furniture and decor painting ideas that you can use your paint samples for. 

Check out the mirror, painted with a cheap little brush in a dark grey color. Would you believe this mirror was a muddled gold color before? Gross!

Grey frame $1 paint samples

I also painted a floral wall medallion which now hangs in our laundry room. Love it! It covers so much better than craft paint, not to mention that it goes a lot further than a tiny little bottle of craft paint.


IMG_4120 2

Take a look at the decor pieces and cool decorative balls that I painted in a bright turquoise and the same dark grey as the mirror.

$1 paint samples

There are so many uses for one pint paint samples. Let us know what kinds of painting you’ve been doing lately, and if you’re painting furniture with these awesome samples! 



One thought on “The $1 Way to Paint Furniture and Decor

  1. Sheridan Johnson says:

    I love these cheap and affordable ideas!! I have recently wanted to begin the journey of diy-ing and re-painting some of old furniture pieces. Thanks for the info! 🙂


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