10 Home Decor Best Buys Under $10

10 home decor best buys

Moving into a new place, or just wanting to change things up on the cheap? I’m all for using the local big box stores and craft places to find cute and inexpensive home decor.

Here’s my pick for the best home decor buys under $10.

1. Modern wrought iron hooks: I love these hooks from Hobby Lobby. We use the single one as a towel rack in our half bath, and the grouping of three as our entry room coat hooks. The single hook is $2.99 on sale, and the three hook is $6.99 on sale. What a steal!


2. Chalk note canisters: Chalkboard is everywhere, and these chalkboard jars from Pier One are awesome at $6-$11 on sale. I use similar ones from Pier One on my kitchen counter to store flour and sugar, but you could use them to store Q-tips, makeup pads, etc. They’re great for a country-inspired home.

chalk canisters

3. Metal flower plaque: This Kirkland’s 16″ metal flower will brighten any space – especially when they’re $8.99! These are actually designed to go outside (which would look great) but I love them in a kid’s room or as part of a large gallery wall.

metal flower

4. Polystone bronze ampersand: This is another Hobby Lobby find, and you can’t beat the price at $3.99! We use this as a part of our wedding gallery wall in our bedroom. The bronze finish makes it look way more expensive than it actually is, and it’s a cool piece to anchor a gallery.

poly ampersand

5. White porcelain pitcher: Okay, so this one is a bit more than $10 – it rings up at $13.99 at Target, but they often have 10-15% off codes for housewares which help lower the price to about $11. This was a wedding gift for us, and we love it as both a pitcher and a vase. It’s also massive, so it’s a great space filler.

porcelain pitcher

6. Black metal lantern: These Borrby lanterns from IKEA are a great deal at $7.99! We use one in our bathroom as a toilet roll holder on the back of the toilet. They’re super charming, and would look great on a deck or patio.

metal lantern

7. Wood crate: These are regularly $12 at Jo-ann’s Fabrics, but they are usually on sale or you can use a coupon to get them for $8. Use them as a cool storage bin by your fireplace hearth, or combine two and make them a side table. Super paintable and super fun!

wood crate

8. Bushel basket: I bought mine at Hobby Lobby for $8, but you can also find these charming (and big!) baskets for $10.99 at Lehmans. I painted mine with chalk paint and put quilts inside, but they’re great to hold toys or other linens.

bushel basket

9. Fretwork pillows: These are $10 at Wal-mart, and they come in super fun prints. Then, when the fretwork/lattice look goes out of style, just use them as fillers and use my budget trick – find fabric remnants at Michael’s or Jo-ann’s and make new pillow covers!

fretwork pillow

10. Charming and cheap lamps: These turned lamps from Old Time Pottery are a major deal at $10 (our Target ones were $25 each, and I feel ripped off!) They come in different colors, but they’re only available in-store. You can find your local Old Time Pottery store here. 

old time pottery lamp

Have you found any awesome home decor finds for a steal? Let me know by commenting below – and check out some of my other cheap home decor ideas! 


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