The Cutest $5 Bathroom Decor Idea

cute bathroom decor

We’re constantly trying to find ways to decorate our walls on a budget. Coming from 700 sq. ft. to 2,000 sq. ft. has been a challenge, because we quickly ran out of stuff to hang on the walls!

So we’ve been creating some cool DIY decor ideas that cost very, very little. Here’s a great bathroom decor idea that we came up with after discovering that chipboard letters were on sale for $1 at Hobby Lobby (my love for Hobby Lobby knows no bounds!)

Here’s all you’ll need to make the cutest $5 bathroom decor for our guest bathroom:

cheap bathroom decor

I waited until the chipboard letters were on sale for 50% off at Hobby Lobby. Chipboard letters are light and can be hung easily, and are simple to paint (instead of wooden letters, which cost more).

cheap bathroom decor

I used Americana Decor chalky finish paint because it’s much cheaper than Annie Sloan chalk paint and lasts forever. I’ve painted a piece of furniture, a mirror, a basket, and a knife block with this one pot, and still had some left over. Miracle paint, I tell you!

americana decor refreshing chalk paint

Then I laid them out overtop of a trash bag and craft paper. This is proper paint, so it won’t come out of clothing or be easily removed from furniture. Paint using just one coat, so you get a rustic look. Chalk paint covers incredibly well.

cheap bathroom decor

Then use 3M sticky mounting tape to hang to the wall. I arranged the letters how I wanted them on the floor and measured the span. Then I found the center on the wall and marked the measurement. It helped me know where to place the first and last letter.

cheap bathroom decor

Ta da! The whole project cost me $4 for the letters and maybe a dollar for the paint (but more like .25 cents, if that!) It’s such a fun way to make a big statement on an empty wall.

Have you used chipboard letters to decorate in your house? Comment below and let us know what you did!


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