Easy and Cheap $1.25 Framed Prints

cheap framed prints

We’ve just bought a new house – and we’re out of cash to decorate! We’ve used all of the framed prints we had in our old house (which was a much smaller place) and are looking for ways to fill the walls.

Enter Hobby Lobby and Dollar Tree! I was able to make three framed prints (and fill lots of other frames) with scrapbook cards and $1 frames. Here’s how to get $1.25 framed prints for your place:

Find some 4 x 6 scrapbooking cards at your local craft store. I got ours from Hobby Lobby on clearance for $2.99 for 24 – they’re Echo Park Paper Co. brand memo cards. 

cheap framed prints

Grab some 5×7 Dollar Tree frames. These aren’t the normal brassy frames they usually have, they’re a unique distressed white frame (still plastic, but still cool!) We’re using three, and they’re $1 each.

cheap framed prints

Remove the stand so you can hang them flush to the wall. They’re cardboard and just rip off (that’s why they’re a dollar!)

cheap framed prints

Then use the stock photo insert (you know the one, with the happy family or weird looking animals) to trace the shape onto craft paper. This acts as a 5×7 background for the 4×6 print, because I find that the smaller 4×6 frames get lost on a big wall.

cheap framed prints    cheap framed prints

Use double sided tape to secure the print to the craft paper, then insert it into the frame and hang them on the wall!

cheap framed prints

It’s super easy, and cost less than $1.25 (they actually cost .12 cents for the print and $1 for the frame!) We’ve hung them in a small wall in the house, but you could also do 9 or 15 of the frames (always hang in odd numbers) for a cool collage.

Do you decorate using Dollar Tree stuff? Let us know what you’ve done by commenting below! 


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