The Easiest Way to Paint Perfect Furniture

paint perfect furniture

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Painting furniture can totally transform a piece, and it’s so awesome when it’s finished and your thrift store/Craigslist find is given new life! Of course, I’ve had a ton of furniture that I’ve bought with the best intentions and kind of ruined them by painting with a brush.

While brushes are great for lots of stuff, I don’t like paint brushes for a fine finish on furniture. You’ll forever get brush marks, weird patches that only got a bit of paint (like inside corners) and the drips! Those flipping paint drips are so frustrating!

Instead of a paint brush, I will forever use a glorious, fabulous, amazing HomeRight Finish Max Spray Gun – at $70, it’s a steal! You can check out my post on how to use the paint sprayer here.

Here’s what happened when I painted two wooden bar stools with a brush:

painting furniture with sprayer       IMG_3731

I sanded and prepped the wood and took the seats off before painting.

painting furniture with sprayer

Then I used a high quality Behr white paint + primer to coat the chair. I chose not to prime (because I didn’t have any primer on hand, quite frankly!) and the paint included primer. I brushed two coats on the chairs, and the coverage was awful. 

painting furniture with sprayer

From dark wood to painted white, it just didn’t work well to paint with a brush. You can see every brush mark, and the paint drips were difficult to deal with. You can see one coat vs. two coats on the right, but the coverage was still rough


painting furniture with sprayer

Now take a look at the finish with the paint sprayer:

One coat overtop of the super ugly brush strokes and it was fully completed – plus, I got into every crevice with ease.

photo painting furniture with sprayer

photo 4

I’ll forever be painting my furniture with my paint sprayer, and forgetting about painting with a brush. So we want to know – have you used a paint sprayer, and what kind of results have you had when painting furniture?


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