The Clever Way to Paint Baseboards Over Carpet

baseboard painting

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We just moved into a new place with carpet upstairs, and boy is it lovely – not! (People really need to start bringing “not” back, am I right?) It’s quite worn and it’s not in the budget to replace it, so we’re working around it by having it professionally cleaned and then painting the baseboards.

Here’s how we painted the baseboards with carpet around it, so we didn’t get paint all over our lovely carpet: DUCT TAPE! Clever, right? Painter’s tape won’t stick to the carpet, and packing tape (which was recommended to us) wasn’t very sturdy and would rip when removing it.

You’ll need duct tape, a 4″ putty knife, and a utility knife to get started. 

painting baseboard over carpet

We used a 1 1/2 inch roll of duct tape to place under the baseboards and over the carpet. Place the tape so it overlaps the baseboard about 1/4 inch, so you can then push it down under the baseboard where it meets the carpet.

Then we used a metal putty knife to push it down into the carpet/baseboard crevice.

painting baseboard over carpet

Looking back, I would have used two pieces of tape on the carpet so it extends about 4 inches away from the baseboard. That’ll give you some wiggle room – because trust us, paint doesn’t come out of carpet!

painting baseboard over carpet

Then paint your baseboards. Once you’ve painted to your heart’s content, use the putty knife to press down on the tape to disconnect it from the baseboard (the paint will stick to it). If you don’t press down using the knife, you’ll pull off the paint – yikes!

painting baseboard over carpet

You’ll find a few places where the paint has stuck to the tape. Just use the putty knife or utility knife to remove the paint where it sticks out.

painting baseboard over carpet

It’s really that easy! It worked for all of our baseboards in our hallway, and we’ll definitely be using it again in other rooms.

So let us know – what experiences have you had when painting baseboards?


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