Smart Tips for Painting Furniture with a Sprayer

Paintingfurniture with sprayer

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We recently invested in the $63 HomeRight Finish Max Spray Gun We needed to paint all of the doors in our house and thought this would be a quick way to do it.

It’s official: I love to paint furniture with my paint sprayer! So far I’ve painted four different items, and everything has turned out beautifully. It creates a fine finish with no brush lines (obviously) and no globs of paint anywhere. It replaces the need to buy spray paint, and is much cheaper.

Here’s how I paint perfect furniture with my paint sprayer: 

  1. Do (Very) Limited Prep: This is the best part! Because it leaves a smooth finish, you have to do almost no prep! I painted this laminate desk, which was a free find from Craigslist, and all I did was a quick sand with the power sander. Just rough up your furniture and wipe it down, and you’re good to go. paint furniture with paint sprayer
  2. Mix with water: Paint goes really far with this sprayer, because you have to water it down to make it sprayable. I’d only use a few tablespoons of water, maximum. Any more than that, and your paint will start bubbling and dripping. I learned this from experience, which was no fun!
  3. Always paint outside: While you might not think the paint is spraying everywhere, trust me – it is! It leaves a fine powder residue on everything around it, so make sure you spray in a well ventilated area and not around other things that the paint could end up on (like the exterior walls of your house!)paint furniture with paint sprayer
  4. Spray twice over every area: I sprayed up and down on the same patch, so it covered better than just one line of spray. Because the finish is so fine, it needs a couple go-overs for good coverage.
  5. Two coats will do it: I would do two coats, waiting about 10 minutes between each coat. The fine finish makes it dry super quickly! For impatient people like me, it’s awesome. However, on these folding chairs I only did one coat, and they worked perfectly. It helps if your stuff is already painted/primed (don’t mind the cat’s backside, she’s so nosey!) paint furniture with paint sprayer

A bargain tip: A one pint paint sample can will easily do one piece of furniture. You can usually get these cans for between $3-$5 at Lowes, or watch Ace Hardware for paint sample sales where they go on for .99 cents! It’s a great way to choose a custom colour and not be stuck with a whole quart of paint after the project.

Let us know – how have you painted furniture in the past, and have you used a paint sprayer? 


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